“Only under two months ago it was business as usual in Kenya as in most countries across the world. The same cannot be said today with a new strain of corona virus(COVID-19) shaking not only the strongest economies and healthcare systems but ultimately threatening to shut the world down. We are today witnessing unprecedented deaths and ever-rising numbers of new infections. At the time of writing this, the total number of infections globally were more than 700 000 with more than 33 000 people having succumbed to the disease. While the virus started and has caused a humanitarian crisis in China, Italy remains the worst hit with more than 97 000 reported infections and at least 10 000 deaths. Globally, these numbers change rapidly every day and as this happens, governments are stepping up their response mechanisms in a bid to heighten the control of the spread of the virus, manage the existing infections and consequently lessen the burden on the crumbling healthcare systems. Inevitably, a third of the world is now in total lockdown to limit the movement of people and therefore the rapid spread of the virus. Kenya has reported 42 infections as of 29th March 2020, with one of the cases reported to have fully recovered from the infection and one having succumbed. The government of Kenya has further announced the enforcement of a dusk to dawn curfew from Friday 27th March. Both the pandemic and response measures being implemented in the country have created social and economic disruptions that threaten the livelihoods and wellbeing of thousands of people and their communities.”